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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 8- 21-Day Sugar Detox Recap

Today was pretty good. My only complaint was some major painful chaffing I got in my 5 mile run and yhis weird stomach ache I had for most of the afternoon. Ugh!

Pre-workout (for 5 mile run)- 1/2 green apple and almond butter.
Breakfast- my final serving of Kale & Mushroom quiche along with sweet potato with coconut butter.
Snack- 1-2 apple and handful of almonds.
Lunch- roast beef and sweet potatoe with coconut butter...(yeah I was liking this combination today).
Snack- Naked Coconut water and trail mix if roasted nuts (no peanuts or colorful candied chocolates...darn).
Dinner- 3 fried eggs and Kale sautéed in coconut oil.

Exercise today was an early morning 5 mile run with my best friend Doorly. Then I went to the YMCA and did a TBC (total body conditioning) workout then a Pilates class. Needless to say I was tired! I may have overdone the exercise portion of my day today...

Best part of my day- I actually have two. First was hanging out with my baby Jack. He and I went shopping for a new toy (he had a gift card left from his birthday), and then we went to the gas station for an Icee. He just happens to be the cutest 3 year old I know and everything he does and says makes me happy!
My second favorite part if the day was going to my second child Nick's class to see him get an academic award for the first quarter. I am so proud of him!

Today I am thankful for medicine- especially Vaseline!

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