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I love to take care of my hubby and kids, but when I'm not doing that, I'm working my Scentsy & Velata businesses as a consultant, as well as a Superstar Director. 
In my "spare" time, I can be found training for a marathon, or finding a new place to eat! 
I try to live each day to it's fullest!
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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Just like that my baby turns 1!

I've just experienced the fastest year of my life! 
I know every Mom will agree when I say that time just goes by way too fast when it comes to your babies growing! Before you know it your baby is off to college and you're all alone in a big "clean" house wondering where did the last 18 years go! 
Chloe is just a little spit fire of fun! She is a Mommy's girl through and through!
She loves to eat fruit! She stands up all on her own, and just squeals in delight! She is so close to taking her first step! She sleep through the night (usually), and has 8 teeth!
We couldn't be more obsessed with Chloe if we all tried! She is truly everyone's favorite!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

I'm off to play in Boise for a week!

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I'll be visiting the home of Scentsy! I can't wait to learn and grow in my business as well as connect with new and old Scentsy friends and family!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Lululemon Seawheeze Weekend!

How I wish I was still in Vancouver Canada enjoying the non-stop fun of yoga, running, shopping, eating and being with my bestie!
Lululemon didn't disappoint! 
I can't wait to do it again in 2015!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lagoon- it's what fun is!

We are loving our time in Utah this summer! It has been non-stop PLAY!
I seriously have lost count of the fun adventures we've been on!
The other day we surprised the kids with a day at Utah's main amusement park, Lagoon! They were surprised and of course so excited! The park was pretty empty, so we walked onto most of the rides- yay!!! The kids begged to play some games as well, to earn a $2 stuffed animal, but me, I HATE spending money on those games. Here is where Grandma comes in to save the day- all four kids got to play two games, which allowed them all to win two stuffed animals! Kids=😃!!! 
I LOVE my kids, but boy am I learning how much I dislike stuffed animals (unless they are Scentsy Buddies)! 

Anyways, we only have a couple more weeks left in Utah- so we've got to do as much as we can before heading back home to Arizona! 

Happy Day! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Utah Valley Half Marathon (#7)

Wow! I'm still on CLOUD 9! 
I ran the Utah Valley Half Marathon on Saturday June 14th. I haven't ran an official half marathon for over a year, and I was so excited to see how all my training and preparation for my past full marathons would help me achieve a new PR (personal record) for a half marathon. My last fastest half marathon was in 2012 at the Mermaid Half in San Diego. My time was 1:51:00. 
My goal for this race was 1:50:00. This meant I would need to run a 8:23 pace for the entire 13.1 miles. I trained with the Hanson's Half Marathon Method. With the support of my BRF (best running friends), I trained really hard for this race. I really felt prepared and ready to conquer this race.
I am so happy to say that I reached my goal! In fact I beat my goal! My official chip time was 1:47:44. I felt amazing during the last half of the race, and even better crossing that finish line! I felt strong and proud of myself! 
Thank you Utah Valley Marathon and all the sponsors and volunteers for putting on an amazing race! 
Now I'm off to train for another half, and another full marathon scheduled for this year!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My top 3 priorities!

 See these three kids? They are my world! Before I had them, they were in my heart, begging for me to let them out for the world to see! They are my biggest dreams come true!
These kids are my life- and I want to live that life so they will always know it, and never question where my priorities were. When they look back in life, I want my children to say, "I knew not everything, but that my Mom loved me most"! I am not perfect, I'm really far from it, but I HAVE to keep trying to be the best Mom I can be! THIS brings me so much happiness and fulfillment!
So this week I've taken a big step back on the ME, part of my life. My life seemed to focus more on me- "what exercise was I going to do today, what food was I going to eat, WHEN was I going eat, when would I go to bed, when would I have a nap, when would I get to", it was getting old, and something I felt deep down in my heart it needed to stop.
I need to take care of myself, I totally agree that you first need to put on your oxygen mask, but once that mask is on, you need to focus on your kids!
So this week, I tried something new- I put my "mask" on first thing in the morning, this mask is all the things that are important for me to feel personally fulfilled and doing "my best". Once I get that on (done for the day), I can focus on my kids. YES, some days I have to wake up at 4am to make sure I get my "mask" on, but man do I feel better once it's done.
So here is to family, play, and making each day count!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I just want to say- "I feel AMAZING!"

I've just finished day 10 of my Whole30, and I feel amazing!
My energy levels are steady, my appetite is regular, my mood is right on track, I honestly feel like I'm on cloud 9! 
I did cheat on my scale today- I weighed in! I decided to weigh myself just to see if its moving in the right direction. I told myself that as long as I have lost a pound I would be happy. Well, I've lost 3.8 lbs so far! Granted, I could lose about 18 pounds when I started, I was a lot heavier starting this whole30 than I've been in years. So I'm sure the first 10 pounds will be easier than the last 8! Nonetheless, I am so happy and so motivated to keep this going! 
I honestly feel like this is "Me"! It's the way I believe we should eat, it makes sense- eat real food! Eat food that God made, not food from Man. 
My workout schedule has increased dramatically in the last few days. 
I'm now signed up to run a Ragnar relay in Washington DC! I have only 4 weeks to prepare for this race. My goal is to not get injured during my training or on race day. So I'm still taking my runs easy but my mileage is a lot more than I've done since April. So say a little prayer for me that my body gets stronger and holds up to the physical pressure I'm putting it through! 
Today I did experience some tired legs today and also back on day6 I noticed the familiar tired leg syndrome I had when I did my first whole30. I remember my legs feeling like they weighed a million pounds each. It was painful and tiring even walking around the block. 
Maybe I just need to eat more sweet potatoes? Something that'll give me more carbs for energy? If anyone has tips in this issue, please share! 
Here are a couple pics of some good I've been eating!