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I love to take care of my hubby and kids, but when I'm not doing that, I'm working my Scentsy business as a consultant, as well as a Superstar Director! 
In my "spare" time, I can be found training for a marathon, or finding a new place to eat! 
I try to live each day to it's fullest!
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Marathon Training Schedule

Running Shoes....gotta have the right ones!
I am often asked what my running schedule is like. I follow the Marathon Rookie training program. I like this program because it has me running 4 days a week, with my long run being on Saturday. During my "non-run" days, I will do Yoga, Pilates, and/or strength training. I take off Sunday as my official "rest" day, where I try not to do anything more than maybe a family walk in the evenings. I also take full advantage of my hubby being home, and try to sneak in a good old "Sunday Nap"!

I prefer running first thing in the morning, for a few reasons. First, I get my running out of the way, it is done for the day, which means I don't have to think about it anymore! Second, I like starting my run before the sun has came up. Natures beauty is great running scenery! Finally,  most official runs are in the morning. So my body is already acclimated to running in the morning, and it's ready for "race day"!

I love sticking to a schedule. I will print off the schedule, put in on my fridge and mark off each day that I complete. I am accountable and I get to see my progress. Sticking to a training program is going to help ensure that come "race day" you are ready! You will have put in the work, and your body and mind will know what to do! I LOVE THIS!

There are a lot of training programs online, find the one that fits your lifestyle best and stick to it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pizza Night with Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Cauliflower Pizza
Like most of you, I'm totally obsessed with Pinterest! I love finding new recipes, blogs, inspiration on Pinterest! It's so addicting! I have been having so much fun trying all the new things I'm find on Pinterest too. My favorite thing so far....Cauliflower Crust Pizza! I love the blog that this recipe comes from. She is a huge inspiration to me! I love her outlook on life! Thank you so much for bringing me this new fav!

I had made this pizza a week or so ago while my MIL was visiting. She and I loved it! At the time, my kids were probably eating their Annies Mac & Cheese, so they didn't' get to try the pizza.
 Tonight I decided it was time to try it out on the kiddos! I was nervous making it this for my picky little eaters. I remember reading how letting your kids help you prepare the food, makes it more likely for them to be willing to try it, and enjoy it. So I had all three kids up at the counter helping me make our pizzas.
They were so excite about it, and you know what?!?! They loved it!!! Yeah! Healthy Food Success!

The three kiddos with their "Thumbs UP"! 
Sophia is the pickiest eater of all the kids, and she was the first to finish her pizza!

I am so in love with the results- I think we may never have "crusted" pizza again! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mermaid Half Marathon

This past weekend we took a little hop on over to San Diego, for a little half marathon run for me and a Mini run for Sophia. It was the Mermaid Series San Diego run. This was my first time participating in a Mermaid run. I love their mission- it's basically to help all women, regardless of their ability, feel welcomed and encouraged to make themselves the best they can be! They also are huge supporters of getting kids involved in walk/runs- and I really LOVE this part! 
All ready to run!!!
I was excited for another run and very excited for Sophia to get to run too. She loves running and I love that it's something she and I can do together. This run was really cool too, in that we got to meet a celebrity! Alison Sweeney from The Biggest Loser and Days of Our Lives was there to cheer us on, as well as participate in the 10K. She was so kind, and totally a normal person! She also was super tiny, and much prettier in real life! She and I have actually a lot in common, we're both huge fans of The Biggest Loser (duh), we have kids (duh), and we both are married to handsome men who serve and protect our country! Oh, and we both have blonde hair! :) 
Grandma Smith, Sophia & I meeting Alison Sweeney.
I went into this race thinking it would be just a "Fun" run. I wasn't sure if I wanted to push myself as much as I did a couple weeks ago for the Yuma half-marathon. But the more I thought about it the day before, I realized that I really should try to beat my time, even if it was only a minute faster, that would make me have a new PR. So with all the encouragement and motivation from my hubby (he thinks I can do anything), I set my mind to beat my PR. And you know what happened?!?!? I did it!

Kids making me a poster! The event had these booths just for the kids to make posters for their Moms! 

Sophia & I running her Mini Mermaid- 1.5 miles.
We did it!

My support system! I sure love these peeps!

Running with Friends

I just have to post about the importance of running with friends! 
If it wasn't for my friends, I am not sure if I would have ever started running. My friend Doorly was my inspiration to get going. She had been running for a couple years when we met. She had ran a full marathon and taught me everything I needed to know about running!
Running with friends is so much fun, talking about EVERYTHING while we run, being there for each other when we need that extra push, and knowing someone is there by your side all 20+ miles. 

If you're thinking of starting up running, my first bit of advice- Find a partner! Together you will be able to do so much more! 

Eventually you may have to go on runs by yourself, and believe me, it's not easy, but you will be prepared because of the work you did with your partner.

My friends & running partners!

Right now I'm currently training for my first full marathon by myself. 
It will be the most challenging thing I have done so far in my running career. 

I need all the emotional & mental support and help I can get! :)

Scentsy Spring Sprint- Phoenix, Arizona

After I attended Houston's Spring Sprint, it was time to go to my local Spring Sprint in Phoenix, Arizona. 
I had a handful of team members attending this Spring Sprint as well. 
This was a unique Spring Sprint for me, because I wasn't just attending it, I was also one of their guest speakers!!!! I was asked by corporate to give a 10-15 minute presentation. I was a little nervous, but knew that I had the experience and knowledge I needed to make it a success. 
From the feedback I got, it sounds like I did great!

Scentsy randomly gives out tickets during the Spring Sprint series. There are Gold Tickets, Silver Tickets and Purple Tickets. One of my team members, Megan, was lucky enough to receive a Silver Ticket! The Silver Ticket gives her free convention registration, a $250 value! 
I was so excited for Megan! Woo HOO!

Beautiful Megan with her Silver Ticket!

On our PediCab to lunch!

We loved our PediCab! Isn't our driver adorable! 

Gaby, Missi and Megan enjoying Spring Sprint!

A quick team photo! 

Houston Texas- Scentsy Spring Sprint

Every year Scentsy puts on what they call a "Spring Sprint"! This is where they go throughout the US and Canada for a one-day mini convention! Those who register early, receive a goodie box full of all the new stuff for the next selling season (Spring/Summer). They also motivate us with lots of exciting speakers, and show and tell us where Scentsy is headed- and boy are we going places this year!!! 
This year I took a trip to Houston, where a lot of my Scentsy team was meeting up for the Houston Spring Sprint. One of my frontline Directors Lisa Waxman was kind enough to invite me to stay the week in Houston with her and her hubby!

Crystal, LeAnn, ME, KT, and Lisa. In line to receive our goodie boxes!

Me with the owners of Scentsy, Orville and Heidi Thompson.

Out to dinner with Lisa Waxman's team of peeps! 
 While in Houston, Lisa showed me all the fun touristy spots and all the BEST places to eat! We also worked out at LA Fitness a couple times, and splurged on massages on my last day in Houston!
Lisa and I.

Loved this cute telephone booth! 

On the historic streets of Galveston Texas!
 THE FOOD HIGHLIGHT OF MY TRIP:  Coca Cola Cake! Have you heard of it?!? Have you ate it?!? It is quite possibly the best piece of cake I have ever eaten. This might be saying a lot, considering I'm not much of a cake person. I'm much rather an ice-cream and chocolate brownie type of person...and this may be why I loved the Coca Cola Cake so much! It was so rich and smooth, just like I like my brownies!  Before arriving in Houston, I had never heard of Coca Cola Cake. But one night I mentioned to Lisa, how I had ran across a Coca Cola Cake pin on Pinterest, and how crazy I thought it sounded. BUT....It just so happen that one of Lisa's favorite places to eat served this and she said it was AMAZING. So off the next day we went to experience this deliciousness first hand.
All I can say is YUP, best thing ever and can't wait to try making it myself! 
This is my half of the HUGE piece of Cake we got to share!

P.S. While you are traveling, you're not allowed to count calories! LOL :)

A Busy, Run, Work, Eat kind of day!

01/28/12- My day started really early today...actually not sure if I even slept more than an hour the night sleep before a big race is not a good thing! But it is what it is, and up and at 'em at 5:30am to get to the Starting line by 7:20am.
All set for the race! Anyone else wear make-up on race day?!?!
Me, moments after I ran my fastest Half!
I did it! I beat my last PR by 7 minutes! My official time was 1:55:40!
I was able to keep a pretty steady pace the entire 13.1 miles. The easiest part was the big hill I got to go down shortly after the 1st mile....then of course this also became the hardest part when I had to go back up it during 10th-11th mile! This hill took lots of prayers! But really I love this course, except this hill. Besides the hill, it is a very flat course, so a great course for a good race time. The wind was also out in full force during the was so windy during the last half of the race. But with all the elements of the day, I was able to reach my goal, and this makes me so happy!

At the Scentsy booth. I love my big Fundraiser sign!
After the race it was time to WORK! My Scentsy team and I are in charge of a huge fundraiser for the YYSA, (Yuma Youth Soccer Association). There are approximatly 1,400 players this year. Each one received a Scentsy fundraiser catalog. Proceeds will be donated to the association to better the soccer program. We hope it's a huge success!
This was try #5 to get a decent pic...
After I run, it's a tradition to eat whatever I want...probably shouldn't but it helps me push through the last miles, knowing I'll get to eat something I usually don't. Today's choice was Da Boyz- a popular Italian joint here. I got the Chicken Cesar Sandwich, and the kids and hubby had pizza. I love #2's face in this picture...seriously cracks me up!
#1 with a finished plate & a sugar packet for dessert!
My kids are (like me) a little obsessed with sugar...we have to hide the sugar packets at restaurants or the kids will eat all of them before the food arrives. Usually if they finish their food we'll allow them to have one (or two)!
Child #3, showing us his muscles!
My baby (who really isn't one anymore) is such a character! He makes our family laugh! He loves pizza and also football!

What a great, and very productive day we had!

I am a Runner- Hear Me Roar!

Phoenix Half Marathon Expo- January 2012

My name is Andrea, and "I am a runner"! It still makes me smile inside when I say (type) these words. It was just over year ago that I started running. Since then I have ran 4 Half Marathons. I honestly love the feeling of running, especially the feeling I get when it's over! Such a huge accomplishment!
I was weeks away from running my first Full Marathon last May, when I got injured...typical! So this year, I am determined to cross the Full Marathon goal off my list!

This weekend I'll be running the Yuma Territorial Prison Half Marathon. This was the first Half Marathon I did last year. So I'm pretty excited for the reunion! Honestly it's probably the most boring run, but it's flat for the most part, and very 'local' so not to many bodies to run in between! I am hoping to beat my last year time of 2:02:15. So far this is my PR. The other 3 runs I've completed in between have all had special circumstances that have made it so I couldn't run to beat my PR. So this one is IT!