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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Houston Texas- Scentsy Spring Sprint

Every year Scentsy puts on what they call a "Spring Sprint"! This is where they go throughout the US and Canada for a one-day mini convention! Those who register early, receive a goodie box full of all the new stuff for the next selling season (Spring/Summer). They also motivate us with lots of exciting speakers, and show and tell us where Scentsy is headed- and boy are we going places this year!!! 
This year I took a trip to Houston, where a lot of my Scentsy team was meeting up for the Houston Spring Sprint. One of my frontline Directors Lisa Waxman was kind enough to invite me to stay the week in Houston with her and her hubby!

Crystal, LeAnn, ME, KT, and Lisa. In line to receive our goodie boxes!

Me with the owners of Scentsy, Orville and Heidi Thompson.

Out to dinner with Lisa Waxman's team of peeps! 
 While in Houston, Lisa showed me all the fun touristy spots and all the BEST places to eat! We also worked out at LA Fitness a couple times, and splurged on massages on my last day in Houston!
Lisa and I.

Loved this cute telephone booth! 

On the historic streets of Galveston Texas!
 THE FOOD HIGHLIGHT OF MY TRIP:  Coca Cola Cake! Have you heard of it?!? Have you ate it?!? It is quite possibly the best piece of cake I have ever eaten. This might be saying a lot, considering I'm not much of a cake person. I'm much rather an ice-cream and chocolate brownie type of person...and this may be why I loved the Coca Cola Cake so much! It was so rich and smooth, just like I like my brownies!  Before arriving in Houston, I had never heard of Coca Cola Cake. But one night I mentioned to Lisa, how I had ran across a Coca Cola Cake pin on Pinterest, and how crazy I thought it sounded. BUT....It just so happen that one of Lisa's favorite places to eat served this and she said it was AMAZING. So off the next day we went to experience this deliciousness first hand.
All I can say is YUP, best thing ever and can't wait to try making it myself! 
This is my half of the HUGE piece of Cake we got to share!

P.S. While you are traveling, you're not allowed to count calories! LOL :)

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