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Monday, October 29, 2012

Have you missed my food photos and daily eating updates?!

Well your in luck!
I'm going to try the 21-Day Sugar Detox (again) on November 1st!
The first time I tried this I wasn't committed...I wasn't ready for a "no list" of foods that I currently enjoy on Paleo. But NOW I am ready. I AM going to do it! After all, it's only 21 days, right!?!
The biggest difference I have found with this program, compared to the Whole30 program that got me started on Paleo, is that the 21-day Sugar Detox limits your fruit intake, and your dense carbs. So I have to be careful on my fruit, and focus more on veggies and lean meats.
With my exercise program, I will get to add in a dense carb, such as pumpkin, or another member of the squash family.
I have a few reasons why NOW I am ready to do this.
One being, it's a SUGAR filled holiday season for the next 3 months -Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and even my 32nd birthday! So I need something to keep me on a healthy track. I want to enjoy these holidays, but not for the entire month their in!
Second, I need to find balance and moderation in all things. I fill like I need more control over my sugar cravings.
Third, my hormones are totally off! This part may be TMI, but my period has been sooo off for the last year. I think it has mostly to do with my running program...but I'm hoping that I can get back to a regular cycle by cutting out sugar and processed foods. It will be very interesting to see if the 21-day sugar detox can help with balancing my hormones!

So get ready for lots of pics and my daily ups and downs on trying to be the healthiest Me I can be!
If you wanna join me, I'd love the company!
Check out: for more information.