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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Busy, Run, Work, Eat kind of day!

01/28/12- My day started really early today...actually not sure if I even slept more than an hour the night sleep before a big race is not a good thing! But it is what it is, and up and at 'em at 5:30am to get to the Starting line by 7:20am.
All set for the race! Anyone else wear make-up on race day?!?!
Me, moments after I ran my fastest Half!
I did it! I beat my last PR by 7 minutes! My official time was 1:55:40!
I was able to keep a pretty steady pace the entire 13.1 miles. The easiest part was the big hill I got to go down shortly after the 1st mile....then of course this also became the hardest part when I had to go back up it during 10th-11th mile! This hill took lots of prayers! But really I love this course, except this hill. Besides the hill, it is a very flat course, so a great course for a good race time. The wind was also out in full force during the was so windy during the last half of the race. But with all the elements of the day, I was able to reach my goal, and this makes me so happy!

At the Scentsy booth. I love my big Fundraiser sign!
After the race it was time to WORK! My Scentsy team and I are in charge of a huge fundraiser for the YYSA, (Yuma Youth Soccer Association). There are approximatly 1,400 players this year. Each one received a Scentsy fundraiser catalog. Proceeds will be donated to the association to better the soccer program. We hope it's a huge success!
This was try #5 to get a decent pic...
After I run, it's a tradition to eat whatever I want...probably shouldn't but it helps me push through the last miles, knowing I'll get to eat something I usually don't. Today's choice was Da Boyz- a popular Italian joint here. I got the Chicken Cesar Sandwich, and the kids and hubby had pizza. I love #2's face in this picture...seriously cracks me up!
#1 with a finished plate & a sugar packet for dessert!
My kids are (like me) a little obsessed with sugar...we have to hide the sugar packets at restaurants or the kids will eat all of them before the food arrives. Usually if they finish their food we'll allow them to have one (or two)!
Child #3, showing us his muscles!
My baby (who really isn't one anymore) is such a character! He makes our family laugh! He loves pizza and also football!

What a great, and very productive day we had!

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