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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am a Runner- Hear Me Roar!

Phoenix Half Marathon Expo- January 2012

My name is Andrea, and "I am a runner"! It still makes me smile inside when I say (type) these words. It was just over year ago that I started running. Since then I have ran 4 Half Marathons. I honestly love the feeling of running, especially the feeling I get when it's over! Such a huge accomplishment!
I was weeks away from running my first Full Marathon last May, when I got injured...typical! So this year, I am determined to cross the Full Marathon goal off my list!

This weekend I'll be running the Yuma Territorial Prison Half Marathon. This was the first Half Marathon I did last year. So I'm pretty excited for the reunion! Honestly it's probably the most boring run, but it's flat for the most part, and very 'local' so not to many bodies to run in between! I am hoping to beat my last year time of 2:02:15. So far this is my PR. The other 3 runs I've completed in between have all had special circumstances that have made it so I couldn't run to beat my PR. So this one is IT!

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