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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paleo- Whole 30 Day Day 17 & 18

Hello Blog Followers! I love seeing that people are reading my blog! Please make sure to check back often and leave a comment to say 'Hi'!

Day 17
Today was a busy day. My oldest, finished 1st grade today. So she and I had a morning together, having a party at her school, then off to do some shopping. Now that School is officially over, I'm not sure what to do all day with my 3 kids. I really need to make a Summer Schedule. One thing for sure, I'll be using my membership at the YMCA a lot more! The kids and I will need to have some daily 'away' time from each other. 
Breakfast was a mixture of things found in my fridge- eggs, chicken sausage, spinach, tomato and avocado. 
I tend to eat leftovers, or anything that is going to spoil soon. I LOVE leftover, and think it's a MUST for any healthy lifestyle. My kids, my work (Scentsy & Velata), my workouts, my hubby, my house, and Church- all these things take a lot of time, so I have to have easily accessible foods. I promise, anyone can eat healthy, it's just about preparation and dedication! Anyways, off the soapbox!
My Daughter is so beautiful, don't ya agree!?!? She looks just like her Daddy! I married a handsome man!
With all the shopping she and I were doing, I was getting really hungry. So I ended up having a huge salad at our local grocery store. I was grateful they had healthy options! 

Dinner was another HUGE salad at home, with Grilled Chicken, avocado, peppers, tomatoes and my favorite dressing- homemade mayo mixed with red wine vinegar. 
Have I told you how much I LOVE Instagram? I'm starting to meet some really amazing people that are doing the same things that I am trying to do. Most of these people are Pro's compared to me; I look up to them so much! One girl, HungryFitness posted this Instagram photo, and I had to share- it's the basics of what the WHOLE30 plan is all about. She is starting her Whole30 tomorrow! 

My exercise today was Crossfit and Hot Yoga. Crossfit was hard, I did some dead lifts, mostly working on proper form today, and then did jump rope and box jumps for 8 minutes (4 reps), with a 20 second rest in between each rep. I had a massive headache once I started doing the box jumps. I am not sure if I need more water, or a better Pre-Workout meal. Any ideas? I would love not to have that headache again- OUCH!

Day 18
Our first official day of Summer Break! The kids and I will eventually get this schedule down, today was better, but still it was a lot of fighting with each other and TV time...bad Mommy! Tomorrow we will work on being more productive! 
Breakfast was Ginger Eggs- which I've ate a million times now, and still love them! 
Lunch was a Salad with leftover grilled chicken and a couple pieces of chicken sausage. I know a lot of my pictures are starting to get boring...I eat so much of the same thing. So I am going to challenge myself to get lots of new things made for next week- I promise!

We had swim lessons tonight, so we were going to be getting back home pretty late, I knew my body would be hurting for fuel, so before we left I had a snack of an apple and a couple tablespoons of almond butter. This is one of my favorite snacks! I feel evil eating it, but then I know it's all real food that my body needs.
Dinner was Chicken Curry! I've made this also before, and my family and I love it. My family eats theirs with Jasmine Rice, but I have mine just plain. It is totally delish! 
I have a stomach ache tonight, so I need to get some good rest and hope it's gone in the morning. 
Ending my day with my cup of tea and blogging!

Good Night!


  1. Where do you get your food? You mentioned bountiful baskets but what about the meat, snacks, raw nuts and that yummy looking almond butter?

  2. Yes, I do, and then I shop the "health food" section at Fry's. I also go to the Herb store that is next to Subway. I have found most things local, but when I'm in the BIG CITY I visit Costco, Whole Foods and Trader Joes. You can also find most everything online. :)