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Friday, May 18, 2012

Paleo Whole30- Day 4

Day 4 
My Whole30 Paleo lifestyle is going great.
My body is still sore and so I've booked a massage for tomorrow! YEAH for some much needed pampering! 
My exercise today was Pilates at the Y. It was tough- not sure if it's because my body is so sore, or if it's something else....perhaps lack of complex carbs? My energy during exercise is very low, but during everyday things, I feel amazing. I have high energy, a clear mind, and great spirits! So it's just during exercise that I have the feelings that I can't do it. Very frustrating! 
Today I indulged in that fruit issue I was having yesterday. 
I had a mango and a couple apricots. Both were needing to be eaten, they were starting to look very sad and lonely in my fruit basket....So I did what any good person would do- I ate them!
The fruit was amazing, but I have to admit, I did feel a little guilty. I'm sure it was way to much sugar.
Breakfast was a Hash, Snack- (see above), Lunch was a tuna salad with avocado, and dinner was a Chicken Broccoli Hash. I'm seeing a pattern in my eating- lots of hash! :) I LOVE HASH! LOL 

I also ate some more fruit after dinner, some homemade dried strawberries. 
I felt pretty satisfied with my food choices today. I did eat too much fruit, but I'm hoping to not make that a habit. 
I had a church activity tonight. We learned about Freezer Meals. This is a great concept especially for busy Moms with kids and a hungry hubby. I love the idea of Freezer Meals. I think I could incorporate this idea into my families meals. That way they can have something more fancy when I'm eating my specially prepared Paleo meal. :) Sometimes I feel a little guilty when they're stuck with cold cereal, and I'm eating an amazing Paleo meal! But luckily I have easy kids and a very easy hubby!

I have been ending each day with a nice hot cup of herbal tea. I love ending my day like this. It's so relaxing and it fills my belly for bedtime! 

Tomorrow is a new day! Excited to see how it goes!  

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