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Monday, May 21, 2012

Paleo Whole30- Day 7

Day 7
Today was Sunday.
I love Sunday's because its the day I get to go to church to worship and feel my Heavenly Father close to me. Of course, it's not always as peaceful and special as I would like-trying to get 3 kids to sit still and be quite for over an hour is not an easy job, but in the end it is worth it.
Sunday's also are usually one of my "binge" days. It's a lazy day at home, and the munchies are in full force. Last Sunday was Mother's Day, and I clearly remember the huge chocolate binge I had to celebrate my "Mother's Day"! WHOO- thinking about it now I am surprised I didn't have a sugar overload breakdown afterwards! But that was then, and this is NOW. :)
Breakfast today was leftovers, with fresh avocado. 
Snack during church was a handful of raw almonds & a handful of baby carrots. 
Lunch was my Green Curry with Chicken that I made yesterday. This was just as amazing as yesterday! I so wanted to have a second bowl, but the first bowl really filled me up.
Snack again after my "Sunday Nap" was a small apple and a handful of raw cashews, (yeah, lots of nuts today). I really feel like I'm splurging when I have an apple! 
Apples are my favorite treat! I've always loved apples! 
Dinner was leftover Breakfast Broccoli Hash and a Sweet Potato. 

Before bed I had my favorite hot Tea. 

No exercise today (I usually don't exercise on Sunday's).

I feel like today was a success. I feel like I am gaining more control each day as I work towards this healthier lifestyle. I really don't feel like it's a "hard" lifestyle. It really is simple if you have good food prepared for you, and have junk food out of your house. I personally know that I'll be really tempted by certain things (Ice-cream, licorice, tootsie rolls, desserts) so I just don't buy them. My 3 kids love treats, so I will be nice and buy them things once in awhile, but they are treats that I am not interested in. This helps so much! Just don't buy it- save the money, or buy something healthy instead. 

I'm excited to start my 2nd week! Hoping to try some more new and amazing recipes!

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