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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Paleo- Whole 30 Day 12, 13 & 14

Okay, so I really wanted to blog everyday, but the weekend are so busy, and my computer was not working 100% the last few days. So I'm playing catch-up today with my Paleo Whole 30 progress.
Friday Day 12
I made something new for breakfast today! It was a single serving meal, so no leftovers unfortunately. But It was really good, and I know I'll make it again soon.
Ginger Eggs- from Cooking for Health and Performance, Vol. 2
Those are green beans in my eggs! I love veggies for breakfast! 
Lunch was leftovers of my Chicken Zucchini dish I made earlier this week.
Dinner was a BBQ with the family. It was great to light up the BBQ and eat outside with my husband and kids. I had a Hamburger with caramelized onions and mushrooms on it. Along with a huge garden salad. It tasted amazing! 
You can almost taste and smell those caramelized onions- YUM!
The kids and hubby enjoyed Velata fondue for dessert. I had fun watching them eat it! I actually was totally fine with not eating any dessert. I know temptations are always going to be around me. But I have resisted so much already in the past 12 days, that this was really nothing. Plus, I am so full from my healthy Paleo meals, that dessert or even second helpings are not a temptation.
Velata Fun Fondue!

Saturday Day 13
Today started off with me drinking another homemade, (whatever's in my fridge) Green Smoothie. 
Green Smoothies are a great way to start my day!

Today was my food co-op, Bountiful Baskets, and this week I ordered 2 sets of veggies/fruit. I am eating so many fruits and veggies, that I thought getting 2 baskets might actually be good for us. I do Bountiful Baskets every 2 weeks. 

My "workout homework" for this weekend was to go on a 1 mile walk or run while carrying my 5 year old son. I wasn't sure how this was going to workout...was this going to be a challenge? I have to say, it wasn't that hard, but I walked 99% of the time. It for sure would have been harder had I been running. The most challenging part of the assignment was that my 5 year old son was complaining the whole time that his legs or arms were hurting....seriously!?!?
My 40lb weight and I. 
We made this a family workout, by having us all walk 2 miles to McDonalds (I know, horrible place to go, especially as often as we did this week), to have breakfast, then walked 2 miles back home. While the kids enjoyed pancakes and sausage, I had 1/2 an apple, deer jerky and some cashews. It was really nice spending the time with the family, without TV, cell phones and all the other distractions at home. I love being active with my hubby and kids. It's very important to me that my kids find fitness fun, and something we do daily. 
For lunch I had a leftover burger and a huge salad. I love adding lots of color to my food. The more colors, the better, and the more tasty it is!
I add balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to my salads as the dressing. 
Dinner was at Chuck E Cheese with the family. We went out to eat to celebrate my 2 1/2 year old's new independence of going bathroom on the POTTY! Super Happy Dance for us!!!
At Chuck E Cheese I had their salad bar with grilled chicken. It was actually really good, and I was grateful they have this option. 

Sunday Day 14
I am so happy with how this Whole30 Paleo lifestyle is going! Remember last week how I was feeling weak during my workouts, and felt pretty low on energy? Well this week I've been feeling much better. I have allowed myself to snack, and listen more to my body, on what it needs. I love having raw nuts and a fruit or veggie for a quick pick-me-up snack. I've also been loving homemade deer jerky. These things really help satisfy me and keep my energy levels strong.
Today for breakfast I had leftovers of my Chicken Zuchini meal. That meal is now finished off, which I am grateful for, I was getting tired of it.
We had chuch today, and so I knew I'd need a snack. I took a handful of almonds and a handful of baby carrots to snack on.
Lunch was an amazing Salmon dish from Balanced Bites. It was delish! I added a large garden salad to my plate- so pretty and so delish!
I even ate the lemon! It tasted like candy! Very sweet from the broiling! 
Dinner was BBQ Pork Ribs from Civilized Caveman Cooking,  and Roasted Veggies. I made this for my hubby and I. The kids had hotdogs and corn on the cob and roasted potatoes. I love when I can share my new Paleo food with my hubby. He so far as loved everything I've made! I don't think I could ever get him to go 100% Paleo with me, but even if he just has a Paleo meal here or there, its a good start!
Veggies were roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper. Perfect!

Today was a great day, and I'm super excited that my 3rd week on Paleo starts tomorrow!
I'm feeling like a Rock Star!

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