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Monday, May 28, 2012

Paleo- Whole 30 Day 15

Happy Memorial Day!
Today was a pretty fun and successful day. Except that I didn't get to workout..big bummer there. The YMCA was closed today due to the holiday, and I didn't know this until after it was too late for me to do my own workout at home. So I'm bummed about that. 
Breakfast today was Ginger Eggs- yummy! I'll probably be eating this for the rest of the week because I have lots of green beans that need to be eaten before they go bad. 
My hubby had the day off, so we got a babysitter and did an afternoon date. We went to the movies (basically the only thing to do in our small town). We saw Men In Black III. I love Will Smith, so it was worth all the weird alien stuff to see Will Smith. My favorite part of the move was the last 15 minutes! 
We went to eat after the movie- this is where my day became very I let my hubby pick his favorite place to eat Buffalo Wild Wings. I figured I'd get a salad and be okay. So I pieced the Asian salad, with all dressings on the side. The salad basically consisted of lettuce, cabbage, mandarin oranges, and grilled chicken. I ate the cabbage, chicken and oranges, though most likely they were not 100% Whole30 approved. I was STARVING during lunch, and my salad did not fill my belly at all! I was actually feeling very weak, and felt like I needed more food, especially protein ASAP. So I did what any hungry caveman would do, went straight to IN-N-OUT and got a Double Double without cheese, Animal Style of course. :) This helped! Once again, not sure if this was Whole30 approved, but it was an emergency! After I ate my two meals for lunch, my belly felt pretty bloated and now I was no better off than when I was starving and weak....I started feeling better about an hour or so after.
For dinner we had friends over for swimming and a BBQ.
I had a HUGE salad, so yummy, and grilled chicken. Dessert was fresh cantaloupe! 

My belly is full and I'm excited to call it a day, and to get a good workout in tomorrow!

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