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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Paleo Whole30- Day 5 & 6

Day 5
It's the I've been slacking on blogging and keeping track of every bit I take.
The great news, I read my Whole30 success guide again, and learning a lot more about how amazing this lifestyle is, and how easy it really is! One thing that stood out is that I'm not counting calories, and I'm not restricting my diet. If I'm hungry, I am to eat! I don't need to know what the scale says, because as long as I feel good, then the number doesn't matter!
So I can honestly say, this is going and feeling amazing!
Friday (day 5) was a great day! I had leftover breakfast, a double dose of my Turkey Chard Hash. It was great like always! I doubled my dose because I was really hungry and I was going to be out running around and felt like I would need the extra fuel!
Lunch I made the boys and I chicken burgers with onions and celery. It was a made up recipe but I thought it turned out great and kids did too! The burgers were cooked in just a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and boy did they cook up pretty! I think I had a 1/2 of an avocado with the chicken burger. Honestly I can't remember! LOL

The boys were leaving for the night to attend a Father and Sons campout. So my girlfriends and I along with our daughters planned a night out to dinner than crafts and fun at one of our homes. The girls all wanted pancakes, so we went to The Cracker Barrel for dinner. I was surprised to see that they actually had some low carb menu items. I had the eggs and meat platter, which was scrambled eggs, a piece of bacon, a piece of turkey sausage and a piece of ham. I don't know "exactly" what was in all these things but I'm going to pray and hope that they were as "clean" as they could have been!
I forgot to photo my plate of food, but here we all are after dinner!
After dinner the girls got to go shopping in the "store". My daughter picked a fun diary pen set. All the girls wanted something different and it was fun to spoil them with a prize.
I was a little bummed that I couldn't buy me some fun old fashioned candy....the "before" me would have bought a least one or two different candies to try. I LOVE SUGAR! It's so horrible, but I'm slowly seeing how I can and will overcome this addiction! ;)
That evening at my friends house the girls had ice-cream with reeses peanut butter cups, bananas and Velata chocolate....I had an apple! I was a little bummed again, but knew I had to be tough!

I was happy with my day! Fully satisfied at the end of it and excited for another day to come!

Day 6
My first week on Paleo is almost complete! 
Best part about today!?!? I wore a pair of jeans that I consider to be my "Skinny Jean". You know the pair...the one pair in your closet that only fit for a day, and not are just too small to button up! Well I actually have a lot of pair of jeans like this, and I refuse to get rid of them. I refuse to just buy bigger clothes, YUCK! So I wore these jeans today, and it felt amazing as I buttoned them up and they not only fit, but they were comfortable! Maybe this lifestyle is already working for me!
Breakfast was pretty amazing today! I scrambled a few eggs (yoke and everything), then fried up some onions and spinach. I added 1/2 an avocado and 1/2 of a tomato to my plate and YUMMY a quick and colorful breakfast!
We had another fun and busy day today. I had a LaraBar for a snack between breakfast and lunch. It was more of a treat I just wanted to have. I wasn't starving. 
Lunch was with my girlfriends and daughters again at our newest place to eat Chipotle. I love this place because everything is top quality. The meat has no hormones and it's super fresh and easy to customize to your liking. I got the Pork Salad, extra lettuce and Pico. With a side of guacamole. No cheese, sour cream, beans or rice for me. Just as clean and Paleo as I could make it! It was AMAZING!!!! Loved every bite! 

For dinner I made a new meal for myself and the family. It was a Green Curry. I have to say it was the best curry I have ever made and it was totally Paleo approved! The hubby and kids got Jasmine Rice with their curry, and I just ate mine with added Spinach (what else!?!?!). It was delicious! 

My hubby and I went on a triple date tonight with friends. We saw a super hilarious and cute movie, "What to Expect When You're Expecting". SO FUN! While everyone had their nachos, soda and popcorn. I sipped on water and an apple! But I was really having a treat with the apple, so I felt good about it!
Tonight after that I did a speed workout on my treadmill. I ran as fast as I could for 30 sec. then took a 30 sec. break. I did this for 10 minutes. I then cooled down for 10 minutes. It was a great little sweat to have before I ended my day. 

Now it's time to bed and hopefully get some great nights sleep to prepare my body for another great day! 

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  1. U are amszing!!!! Im wanting to try this more and more!!!