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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paleo Whole 30 Day 16

I started my day with a good 5 mile run. I felt better this morning on my run than I have in a couple week. Granted, it was still hard. I have realized that running just twice a week really isn't enough to keep me in top running shape. I'm going to try to squeeze 3 runs in this week to see if it helps.
My Pre Workout snack was raw cashews and some sliced deli meat. It seemed to do the trick!

Breakfast was my Ginger Eggs- as great as ever and kept me full until lunch time!
After breakfast the boys and I went to the YMCA for Pilates. It was a great class. I really loved burning my abs in the abs series! Oh, and I had a new shirt today from Old Navy. New workout clothes always makes working out more fun!

Lunch was leftover salmon and a huge garden salad. My dressing for my salad was a tablespoon of homemade Mayo and a tablespoon of Red Wine Vinegar. It was so delish! I could eat this meal for every meal!

Between lunch and dinner we had a very busy day as a family. We had dance class for my daughter and then all 3 kids had their first day of swim lessons. I knew I'd be starving and needing a snack while we were out and about. So I had an apple and more raw cashews.
Dinner was leftover BBQ pork ribs and roasted veggies. Once again, this was a great meal! After my meal, I felt like I wanted to eat more, or that I needed a treat.
My past habits would get me in big trouble on a night like tonight. I would have ate extra, and then probably everything containing sugar in my pantry.
But tonight I won! I didn't eat anything else! I am slowly starting to fell more in control. I am making decisions that are going to make me happy tomorrow, not just make me happen in the moment.

I really feel amazing! This Paleo stuff is pretty awesome! I am a believer! I am excited that I've now done this for 16 days. I'm half way through the 30 day challenge. I imagine how much better I will feel in 5 more days, and then 10 more days, and then 14 more days! What will I feel like on day 30!?!? I am excited to find out!

I'm anxious about tomorrow. I have another Crossfit workout. I always get very nervous, anxious, excited, and all that before a Crossfit workout. I'm still not sure if my body was made to do Crossfit. If this is something I should pursue. For now, I'm taking it one workout at a time!

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