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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Paleo- Whole 30 Day 19 & 20

Day 19
Yesterday I started getting this stomach ache...kind of like nausea, but nothing I tried made it go today (Day 19) I am still feeling this way. So going on day 2 of a weird stomach thing, but my food was still consumed, and delish as every- ain't nothing going to stop me from eating! :)
Breakfast was a Banana Smoothie- 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 cup coconut milk, and 2 tablespoons of Almond Butter. I added a few ice-cubes, and blended in my Vitamix till smooth. It was yum!
For lunch I wanted leftover Chicken Curry. So along with it, I made Cauliflower Rice for the first time! Cauliflower Rice is really easy. Simple put cauliflower into food processor, and pulse until chopped into rice size pieces. Once done, sauté cauliflower in a tablespoon or so of coconut oil, salt and pepper. I have to say, that the added Cauliflower Rice to my Chicken Curry was brilliant! I loved it a lot and am thinking I could totally pass the this on to my kids and hubby! Who needs processed white rice when you could have Cauliflower Rice!?!?

For dinner my friends and I went out to eat to celebrate my friend Emily's birthday. We ate at the best italian place here in our small town. It's called Da Boyz. They have this sandwich that I usually always get, amazing white bread, grilled chicken, bacon, ranch, lettuce and tomato. It comes warm, and oh so heavenly. BUT tonight, I had instead a Greek Salad, no cheese or dressing, just the veggies and olives,. I added to it a side of real bacon bits and a grilled chicken breast. For my dressing I used olive oil and vinegar.
I was totally happy with my alternative meal. Passing on the ice-cream cake and fondue later on was a little harder, but I did it! GO ME!
I forgot to take a pic of my salad- but here's one of the birthday girl!
Day 19 went pretty well except for the weird stomach thing, and that I didn't exercise really...Friday's I'm kind of lazy, thinking it's basically the weekend, but still, I should have exercised....

Day 20
Today I woke up and got super inspired by my girl over at Healthy Fitness to make a new breakfast dish.
Chicken Sausage Scramble is what I will call my version of it. This meal contained, one smallish sweet potato, 1 large red apple, a couple large chicken sausages, spinach and some green onions. After chopping up the sweet potato, I microwaved them for a couple minutes to get them soft. Then I sautéed them with the apples with a tablespoon of Coconut Oil. I then added the already cooked Chicken Sausage I had in the fridge, onions and a huge handful of spinach. 
I added the oranges to the size, just to give it more pretty color! Didn't eat them (today).
This made enough for 2 meals. So I split it down the middle, ate one serving and put the other serving in the fridge for tomorrow-later however the hubby ate it for lunch...bummer for me, great for him!
The kids and I had a good morning swim, which always stirs up an appetite, so I ate a small bowl of fresh cut pineapple. What a yummy treat! It's kind of crazy now how I think of fruit as the ultimate treat. Like I feel that I'm almost cheating when I eat it....and I love it! 
Lunch was also something new! My neighbor gave me a few cans of Salmon, saying she didn't like it, wasn't even sure why she bought it. All I was thinking was "YES YES YES New Paleo Dish Coming Right Up, YES!" When she asked me if I'd like them. 
So what I made was Salmon Patties,- 2 small cans of Salmon, 2 stalks of celery, 2 green onions, 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons of coconut flour and spices of your liking- I used Mrs.Dash, lemon pepper and sea salt. 
I formed them into patties, and fried/cooked them in a tablespoon of coconut oil. It make roughly 7 patties. 
I ate 3 of these Salmon Patties, and a side salad. It probably was too much Salmon/protein for one meal, but today I was feeling like I wanted/needed the extra food. 
For dinner we ate out at Texas Roadhouse. I was excited to get a big ol' stake! 
I order the combo meal (after passing up on all the bread and honey butter), of a sirloin, and shrimp, with a sweet potato and broccoli as my sides. I made sure to ask how everything was cooked, and to make sure they added nothing to my items, especially butter! Come to find out EVERYTHING is cooked in butter, so everything I ordered was to come super clean and naked! I have to admit, I was a little nervous on how all this was going to taste. In the past, I would always get my sweet potato totally loaded with butter, marshmallows and anything else they wanted to throw on it. I never even thought of the fact that my steaks were also drenched in! Crazy how bad one meal really could be for you if you are not aware. 
When my food arrived, and once it was consumed, I was very happy with it! It all tasted great, and I loved being able to actually taste what everything naturally should taste like! 

My day is now done! I am so happy with how I feel today (especially since the stomach issue didn't show up again today). I ate probably a little too much, but it was all real, clean, and good food. 

Tomorrow is another day! Until then- Good Night! 

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