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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Paleo- Whole 30 Day 26, 27, 28

I honestly can't believe I'm blogging about Day 28 of my Paleo Whole30 challenge!
I'm SOOO happy with how well this has gone for me.
There has for sure been the temptations, and a couple time when I've been bummed about not eating a certain food. But overall, those things are very small compared to how I feel!
Lets break down my last few days-
Day 26
Friday- Today was kind of an exciting day. On day 25 I blogged about my concerns with weighing myself after my 30 days. I have come to really dread the scale, because in the past, I let it determine how I was going to eat, exercise and feel for the day. I weighed in daily, and it was either an okay day, or a bad day, depending on what the scale said. So I have had hesitations about weighing in on day 31 to see how the last 30 days have gone according to the scale. One of my friends on Facebook suggested that instead of weighing myself, I should try on a pair of skinny jeans and based my results on how they feel on me. Another friend said to go ahead and weigh myself, she's dying to know my results (me too)!!! So since I can't weigh myself yet, I decided to go ahead and try on a pair of skinny jeans on the morning of my 26th day. The results were fantastic!!! ALL my pairs of skinny jeans fit awesome- even some were a little loose! Jeans that I haven't be able to wear for years are now fitting me! YEAH- I was doing the SUPER HAPPY DANCE ALL DAY! So now I've made the decision to go ahead and weigh myself and see what the scale says, though, I'm not going to let the number determine my success. I already know I'm successful! 
So today I  started my day with a Pre-Workout snack of Almonds and a Banana. I feel that this combo of fats/carbs really helps me push through a workout. I need the extra sugar first thing in the morning.

I had an amazing Breakfast! It's one of my favorites- Sweet Potato Apple Hash with Fried Eggs on Top! I love this and it's so easy to make! 

For lunch we had friends over to swim. So I made my BFF one of my favorite Paleo meals, Broiled Salmon with Rosemary and Lemon. We ate this with a huge side salad. 
I bought something super cool, a Yonanas ice-cream maker! So we had to try this out. We used frozen bananas and frozen strawberries. It was perfect and super amazing! So happy to know I can still have ice-cream while living Paleo. 

Another "treat" I had today was a big cup of water with frozen mango chunks. Use the mangos in place or in addition to your ice, and it  makes for a sweet drink! The best part is that you get to eat the thawed fruit when the water is gone. 

Dinner was leftovers- Chicken Curry with Cauliflower Rice.

Day 27
Today we traveled to San Diego to go to the LDS Temple and do some shopping. 
I ran 5 miles before heading out on our road trip. 
For breakfast I had leftover Sweet Potato Hash from yesterday. 
On the way to San Diego I snacked on a huge green apple.

Lunch was grilled Chicken, almonds and dried Mango that I bought at my favorite store Trader Joe's.
Dinner was at The Cheesecake Factory. I was super excited to go eat here, even though I knew I wouldn't be eating my favorite dessert, Cheesecake. When we walked in the kids and I rushed over to the glass counter so we could drool over the beautiful cheesecakes. They looked amazing, and I could almost taste them...ahhh, someday I'll have Cheesecake again, but it wasn't going to be today!
 I ordered off the Skinnylicious menu, and so did the hubby! Talk about making progress beyond myself! 

I got super full from dinner, which made me think that I should have split the plate and took half of it home with me. Next time I'll do that so I'm not so full.
After dinner we went shopping at this HUGE outdoor mall. It is so nice being in a BIG city! I wanted to get some new clothes to celebrate my successes. I bought a few things at the Gap, all in Size Small and even the shorts were a size 0! Score! 
Overall it was a great day, and I think I ate pretty good for traveling! I'm glad I woke up extra early so that I could get a run in. Oh, and my run actually felt really good for the first time in weeks. I didn't feel like my legs were logs! Yeah for improvements! 

Day 28
Sunday (again). 
You know how I feel about Sunday's...well today was even a little more stressful because my hubby was gone. But really overall the kids and I did pretty good keeping thing together!
My fridge is totally bursting with fresh fruit and veggies right now. I am going to be eating a lot of good food this week! 
Love Bountiful Baskets!
Breakfast was leftovers- (they're a must!)
After breakfast I made Kale Chips for the first time. They tasted pretty good! I had 2 huge bunches of Kale, so I needed to do something to clear one of them out of my fridge!

For lunch I made something new- Ginger Salmon Salad. It was pretty good, but not my favorite. 

For a snack today I had a nectarine, dried mango and dried bananas from Trader Joe's. 

Dinner was leftover Ginger Salmon Salad from lunch, Kale Chips and Avocado. 

I think I did pretty good on my food today. I for sure met my fruit quota for the weekend! But it's my "treat" that I absolutely love and have to feel good about!

Something super exciting is happening next week- a week from today my hubby and I will be traveling to the Dominican Republic for a week stay at the Hard Rock Casino in Punta Cana! This will be an all expenses paid trip that I earned from Scentsy! I am so excited to get away and enjoy some much needed downtime. 
So it's my last week to really push myself to get my body tight(er)! My goal in to work on abs everyday, doing a little more than I normally would. 

Until Next Time! Good Night!

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