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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Paleo-Whole 30 complete!

Yesterday was Day 30 and so this morning I weighed myself!!! 
I was nervous but so excited to see what the number was. I knew it didn't matter, really, what's a number, right?!? My clothes all feel lose, I'm eating amazing food that is the healthiest, best, highest quality food I can eat, and I'm learning a whole new way of life- and I love it! But most people, especially women, feel that what that number on the scale says is so I had to know my number..... Drum roll please....119!!!
I have been to this number before, for about 2 seconds before I'd go and pig out on all the junk food and things I've been craving for the last few months of me dieting. But this time I knew this number was so much more! This number represented a lot of hard work at the gym as well as eating foods that are true to me and my body. In the last 30 days, I never felt deprived, I never felt cheated and never felt like I couldn't eat something even though I was hungry. I had almost no stress while on this 30 day challenge. Most diets I have found are very stressful. You have to count things, and add up silly numbers. I hate counting lame right? As if we all really can measure exact numbers of an apple or strawberry...I've seen apples the size of my head- that for sure has more calories than a baby green apple...frustrating to say the least! So releaved I don't worry about numbers with Paleo.
 I'm thrilled, beyond happy with my results! It would be cool to know what my "inside" numbers are. I want to look into getting a body analysis done. I'll need to go into a big city to have this complete. Anyone done a body fat analysis? What do you think?
My body feels amazing and in better health than ever before!
So now I've just finished day 31 and will continue counting my days on Paleo!

Who's on Paleo with me?!?!


  1. i made the sweet potato and apple hash with egg this morning. it was fantastic. my kids actually thought the sweet potato was a carrot!! They love carrots. guess i'll be adding sweet potatoes to more meals!! congrats on your hard work. you've been a great motivation for me. I'm eating healtier and working out a little bit more. Thank you Andrea!!

  2. congrats! that's awesome that you found something that works and you feel you can stick with. i saw that number after we did p90x and it was great - but then i went and ate like a piggy. maybe i'll have to try paleo sometime after baby comes :)