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Friday, June 15, 2012

Paleo- How I got started, and YOU can too!

I have only been doing Paleo for over 30 days now, but I feel like it's changing everything about the way I eat, see and feel about food. I LOVE food...believe me, I could eat food all day long, and especially if the food is coated in going Paleo was going out on a huge limb for me, but I did it and I couldn't be happier!
So how did I get started, and how can YOU?
First of all, if he isn't already, make GOOGLE your new BFF. If I ever have a question, or need a new idea, I google it. I found the Whole9 website, and thought a good place to start would be the Whole30 Challenge. This was really going to help me get started and see if Paleo was for me. I totally recommend you doing this!
Second, read all you can about the Paleo Lifestyle. There are books out there, but honestly, you can find everything online that you need to get started and to stay Paleo. Reading and researching this will help you to know if this is something that you want to try, and that may work for you. I can't say if it will work for you, or if you'll love it or hate it, you have to decide for yourself. 
I have links to the right that show you the Paleo sites I frequent. Check those out and see what you can find for yourself there.
Third- Be accountable. I used this blog as well as Instagram to make sure I stayed on track. I love cooking and trying new things, so that part of Paleo was really fun and exciting for me. I loved taking pictures of everything I ate, and along doing this, I found other people just like me, doing just the same thing- sharing real food with others!
Finally, do what is best for YOU. I've only tried a few "diets" in my life, and for those that I've tried, they did not work for my lifestyle. So maybe Paleo will be for you, maybe not, there is really only one way to find out! 

Please leave a comment if you have any specific questions on what I did.

Good Luck!


  1. Way to go Andrea. You still continue to amaze me.....

    1. Thank you! Your encouragement and support means so much to me!

  2. What are some of you favorite recipes? I'd love some links. I'm starting Whole30 today!

    1. Susan, I have so many favorites! It's like saying I have a favorite kid! LOL
      But what I find, with my busy & demanding schedule, is to make a huge portion of one meal, and have the leftovers for the rest of the week, or at least next four days. Most recipes are for 2-4 servings, so first, find something you like that will make easy leftovers!
      My favorite thing for breakfast is "Hash", what this is, is all your veggies, and sometimes fruit, chopped up and sautéed in Coconut Oil, then add on top your protein. I love fried eggs over easy (fried with a little coconut oil), with salt and pepper! I feel like I'm getting a huge treat with the "fried egg". It's very satisfying! I think the coconut oil in preparing this meal would be enough healthy fat, but sometimes I still add a huge portion of avocado for more health and flavor! Seasonings add so much to each meal. So don't be shy when seasoning!
      In the future I hope to actually have a recipe link to all my favorites. For now, play around with the foods you like, and see what becomes your favorites! Good LUCK!