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I love to take care of my hubby and kids, but when I'm not doing that, I'm working my Scentsy business as a consultant, as well as a Superstar Director! 
In my "spare" time, I can be found training for a marathon, or finding a new place to eat! 
I try to live each day to it's fullest!
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tomorrow is a Special Day!

Hey Friends,
So I've been so busy! I've been vacationing all summer- I went to the Dominican Republic, then to Utah, and then to a huge Scentsy convention in Las Vegas!
My hubby and I in the DR. 
Once I got back to "The Pit", I had a lot of fun work to do with launching new things from Scentsy (Grace Adele, Velata, Layers, a new Fall/Winter Scentsy catalog, etc), and now my kids are back to school! I even put my youngest Jack Jack, into a preschool just down the road from us. He begged and pleaded to get to go to school I made it happen! He will have much more fun playing with friends than he'd have home with me while I work aka "love on my Mac", and "talk to my Phone"!
So I'm up for another challenge! It's time for me to start kicking my own trash in eating great, and exercising to my potential. Vacation is over, and it's time to get back to where I feel and perform my best!
My baby Jack Jack is too adorable!
So I'm jumping head first into a 21-Day Sugar Detox! All my Paleo and Crossfit internet friends (my real life friends all like to eat cake in front of me and describe how good it is) have been talking all about this program and how great they've felt afterwards. Since I'm a self prescribed Sugar Addict and Compulsive Sugar Eater, I feel like this may be a good challenge for me!
I'm also joining a 6-week Crossfit boot camp at a local Crossfit gym. I'm scared out of my mind for this! I'm sure I'm going to puke or faint or something super embarrassing is going to take place. UGH! But I know how amazing I will feel afterwards, and how amazing my body will soon start transforming to- it's going to be awesome!
I hope you'll all follow me along as I post each day about my daily ups and downs with the 21-day detox and my "official" jump into Crossfit.


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