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I love to take care of my hubby and kids, but when I'm not doing that, I'm working my Scentsy business as a consultant, as well as a Superstar Director! 
In my "spare" time, I can be found training for a marathon, or finding a new place to eat! 
I try to live each day to it's fullest!
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

My top 3 priorities!

 See these three kids? They are my world! Before I had them, they were in my heart, begging for me to let them out for the world to see! They are my biggest dreams come true!
These kids are my life- and I want to live that life so they will always know it, and never question where my priorities were. When they look back in life, I want my children to say, "I knew not everything, but that my Mom loved me most"! I am not perfect, I'm really far from it, but I HAVE to keep trying to be the best Mom I can be! THIS brings me so much happiness and fulfillment!
So this week I've taken a big step back on the ME, part of my life. My life seemed to focus more on me- "what exercise was I going to do today, what food was I going to eat, WHEN was I going eat, when would I go to bed, when would I have a nap, when would I get to", it was getting old, and something I felt deep down in my heart it needed to stop.
I need to take care of myself, I totally agree that you first need to put on your oxygen mask, but once that mask is on, you need to focus on your kids!
So this week, I tried something new- I put my "mask" on first thing in the morning, this mask is all the things that are important for me to feel personally fulfilled and doing "my best". Once I get that on (done for the day), I can focus on my kids. YES, some days I have to wake up at 4am to make sure I get my "mask" on, but man do I feel better once it's done.
So here is to family, play, and making each day count!

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